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Racing Driver from his very early age, this 27 years old Monegasc driver, has been climbing all the steps since he started racing in Go Kart at 12 years old.

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Juin 2006

Dijon the Races | 13/06/2006

In the "Gloria Open" the victory has gone in race 1 to Nicola De Marco (Durango) after a beautiful fight with Castellacci (Durango-Fik), Cozzari (Europe Corse) and Sbirrazzuoli (Europe Corse), that they have cut in the order the finish line. In race 2, to cut for first the line it has been Matteo Cozzari that left from the pole has dominated for all the 12 laps of the race. To its shoulders Nicola De Marco and the Monegasque Cédric Sbirrazzuoli.

Race1: To the start Nicola De Marco conquest the first position to the first curve, followed by Castellacci, Cozzari and Sbirrazzuoli. These 4 will play for the victory during the 12 laps of race. But De marco will finally took a small advantage on the finish line. To its shoulders, a beautifull race between Castellacci, Cozzari , and Sbirrazzuoli until the last curve. Finally these three pilots will conclude in less than a second. 

Race 2: At the start it is Matteo Cozzari to start best from the pole position. He conquists the first position at the start and will lead during all the race controlling De Marco to its shoulders, closing at less than a second from Cozzari. To their shoulders it is instead show with Dalelio and Castellacci that in fight for the third place will commit various errors only arriving sixth and seventh. The third step of podium will be for Cédric Sbirrazzuoli, who did a beatifull race as he was last on the grid after an incident in qualifications, followed from Spilthooren (CO2 Motorsport) and Faccin (CO2 Motorsport).

Ranking Race 1

1. De Marco (Gloria B5.10Y) 12 laps in 16’55”033
2. Castellacci (Gloria B5.10Y) at 3”998
3. Cozzari (Gloria B5.10Y) at 4”383
4. Sbirrazzuoli (Gloria B5.10Y) at 5”103
5. Bortolotti (Gloria B5.10Y) at 13”009
6. Spilthooren (Gloria B5.10Y) at 13”398
7. Dalelio (Gloria B5.10Y) at 20”086
8. Veronesi* (Gloria B4.10Y) at 36”392
9. Pellegrino (Gloria B4.10Y) at 56”526
10. Glorioso* (Gloria B4.10Y) at 1’25”804

Fastest lap: De Marco in 1’23”540 -

Ranking Race 2

1. Cozzari (Gloria B5.10Y) 12 laps in 17’04”427 -
2. De Marco (Gloria B5.10Y) at 0”582
3. Sbirrazzuoli (Gloria B5.10Y) at 6”658
4. Spilthooren (Gloria B5.10Y) at 11”685
5. Faccin (Gloria B5.10Y) at 15”836
6. Dalelio (Gloria B5.10Y) at 17”176
7. Castellacci (Gloria B5.10Y) at 18”228
8. Pellegrino (Gloria B4.10Y) at 24”446
9. Glorioso* (Gloria B4.10Y) at 47”072
10. Veronesi* (Gloria B4.10Y) at 47”556

Fastest lap: De Marco in 1’24”728

Mai 2006

Imola Race 2 | 08/05/2006

The poleman Mirko Bortolotti conserve his first position after a good start, followed by the Monegasque Cédric Sbirrazzuoli, who did a great start passing from 5th to 2nd, next Termine, Mancinelli, Calanca and Lenzo. Francesco Riccio and Gianmarco D'Alelio fighting for 7th place. At the half part of the race Bortolotti, Termine and Sbirrazzuoli leaders, folloed by Calanca and Mancinelli. Nicila Calanca will pass Sbirrazzuoli. During this time Bortolotti and Termine make the gap. Fort the 3rd place the fight is hard but at the end of the race Sbirrazzuoli will conquist the third place, passing Calanca in the last curve of the race. Bortolotti won the race even if Termine was faster at the end of the race.

1. Mirko Bortolotti - Team Italia CSAI - 13 giri in 26'02.796
2. Giuseppe Termine - Co2 Motorsport - a 1.093
3. Cedric Sbirrazzuoli - Europa Corse - a 11.483
4. Nicola Calanca - Europa Corse - a 11.670
5. Daniel Mancinelli - Co2 Motorsport - a 17.232
6. Francesco Riccio - Co2 Motorsport - a 19.139
7. Gianmarco D'Alelio - Team Federkarting - a 20.247
8. Nicola De Marco - Durango - a 23.814
9. Francesco Castellacci - I.E.Engineering - a 31.514
10. Ivan Pezzolla - Savoia Technology - a 32.363
11. Bruno Gaeta - Target Racing - a 34.584
12. Fabrizio Settembrini - Vieffe Kart - a 49.818
13. Michele Lenzo - ProMotorsport - a 51.820
14. Francesco Merendino - ProMotorsport - a 51.929
Non classificati
Michele Modugno - I Motori di Carlotta
Matteo Cozzari - Team Italia CSAI
Michele Faccin - PKF Racing

Mai 2006

Imola Race 1 | 08/05/2006

On the first line of the grid for race one, we have the poleman Mirko Bortolotti (Team Italia CSAI), and Nicola Calanca (Europa Corse), Guiseppe Termine (CO2 Motorsport), Daniel Mancinelli (CO2 Motorsport), et Cédric Sbirrazzuoli (Europa Corse). At the start Cédric Sbirrazzuoli passes from 5th position to first position, followed by Guiseppe Termine et Mirko Bortolotti, who will pass him some laps later. At the 7th lap Termine is first before Bortolotti et Sbirrazzuoli, who will go out of the track at the "Aqua Mineralli" to not put Bortolotti out. He will restart 5th, and finish the race at this position. At the end Termine won the race, 2nd Bortolotti and Mancinelli 3rd. Calanca will finish 4th.

1. Giuseppe Termine - Co2 Motorsport - 13 giri in 26'01.573
2. Mirko Bortolotti - Team Italia CSAI - a 2.700
3. Daniel Mancinelli - Co2 Motorsport - a 4.319
4. Nicola Calanca - Europa Corse - a 4.453
5. Cedric Sbirrazzuoli - Europa Corse - a 19.541
6. Michele Faccin - PKF Racing - a 30.671
7. Francesco Castellacci - I.E.Engineering - a 31.153
8. Michele Lenzo - ProMotorsport - a 36.977
9. Bruno Gaeta - Target Racing - a 37.380
10. Nicola De Marco - Durango - a 37.539
11. Fabrizio Settembrini - Vieffe Kart - a 40.350
12. Ivan Pezzolla - Savoia Technology - a 40.677
13. Francesco Merendino - ProMotorsport - a 47.718
14. Michele Modugno - I Motori di Carlotta - a 59.505
15. Matteo Cozzari - Team Italia CSAI - a 1 giro
16. Gianmarco D'Alelio - Team Federkarting - a 7 giri
Non classificati
Francesco Riccio - Co2 Motorsport

Mai 2006

Imola qualifications | 08/05/2006

Imola Qualifications, Bortolotti the 1st poleman!

08/05/2006 - Beautifull show for the first meeting of the Italian Formula Azzurra championship Trofeo Michele Alboreto in qualification for races 1 and 2. On this extraordinary track of the San Marino GP, the youths protagonists of the category ACI-CSAI have soon shown all their talent.

This first qualification has seen the 16 years old Mirko Bortolotti as poleman with a time of 1'59.375, driving the car of the team Italia CSAI. The second position was for Nicola Calanca (Europa Corse), the third position was fot the pilote of the CO2 Motorsport, Guiseppe Termine, who will have Daniel Mancinelli on his right. Cédric Sbirrazzuoli (Europa Corse) the Monegasque, is 5th, followed by Matteo Cozzari (Team Italia CSAI), Gianmarco D'Alelio (Federkarting)

The grid for the second race will be established by the second best lap of each drivers. Nothing will change for this second race, except for Michele Lenzo (Pro motorsport) who invert his position on grid with Francesco Riccio (CO2 Motorsport) 10th best lab for the second race instead of the 8th best lap. The first race will be at 9.50 on sunday, so we will see what would happen in this race of 13 laps.

1° Mirko Bortolotti 1’59.375
2° Nicola Calanca 1’59.447
3° Giuseppe Termine 1’59.640
4° Daniel Mancinelli 1’59.793
5° Cédric Sbirrazzuoli 1’59.930
6° Matteo Cozzari 1’59.966
7° Giammarco D’Alelio 2’00.292
8° Michele Lenzo 2’00.420
9° Francesco Castellacci 2’00.507
10° Francesco Riccio 2’00.529
11° Michele Faccin 2’00.548
12° Nicola De Marco 2’01.140
13° Bruno Gaeta 2’01.280
14° Ivan Pezzola 2’01.497
15° Fabrizio Settembrini 2’01.952
16° Francesco Merendino 2’03.260
17° Michele Mudogno 2’03.499


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