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Racing Driver from his very early age, this 27 years old Monegasc driver, has been climbing all the steps since he started racing in Go Kart at 12 years old.

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Mai 2008

Mugello 11-05-2008

Porsche and Ferrari split victories at the 2nd meeting of the Sara GT Italian championship in the Mugello circuit. In race 1, the victory went to Busnelli-Lancieri, driving the Ferrari F430 of the Team SaraFree in front of Postiglione-Plati and Mugelli Balzan. In race 2 the Porsche driven by Cruz-Henzler won a deserved victory in front of the Ferrari of Caffi-Moncini and Tavano-Aguas.
In the category GT3 doubled for the crew Piccini-Grassotto in front of Sbirrazzuoli-Romano.

Race 1: From the start Postiglione takes the lead of the race in front of Busnelli, Frassineti, Balzan, Tenchini, and Moncini, while in the middle of the grid there was a contact between Campanello and Palma, both ending their race. In its attempt to recover quickly positions, Cruz Martins will hit the rail before restarting.
Postiglione is still leading the race in front of Busnelli, while Balzan took third place to Tenchini before being passed by Frassineti and Moncini.
In GT3 Piccini was in front of Sbirrazzuoli. After the pilot change Plati was leading the race after having replaced Postiglione Lancieri, Mugelli, Aguas, Caffi and Pavoni.
In the 19th lap Lancieri overtook Plati to the San Donato curve. Mugelli was still in third position followed by Aguas and Caffi, while Henzler was doing his return from the bottom of the rankings to place his Porsche in 9th position at the end of the 18th lap after replacing Cruz Martins.
At the finish flag Lancieri wins the race followed by Plati and Mugelli. Caffi finished the race in fourth position before being given a penalty of 25 seconds by the marshals because of an overtake under yellow flag after a contact with Aguas. The third step of the podium will be up a Cioci who completes the race before Pavoni, Linos, Giammaria and Tedoldi.
In GT3 victory for the crew Piccini-Grassotto in front of Sbirrazzuoli-Romano and Bianco-Romagnoli.
Ranking race 1:

1. Busnelli-Lancieri (Ferrari F 430) 50’23.457
2. Plati-Postiglione (Ferrari F 430) at 1.484
3. Mugelli-Balzan (Ferrari F 430) at 3.150
4. Perazzini-Cioci (Ferrari F 430) at 15.043
5. Pavoni-Tenchini (Ferrari F 430) at 28.484
6. Mediani-“Linos” (Ferrari F 430) at 29.023
7. Cruz Martins-Henzler (Porsche 997) at 29.807
8. Caffi-Moncini (Ferrari F 430) at 37.940
9. Giammaria-Frassineti (Ferrari F 430) at 49.963
10. Kemenater-Tedoldi (Ferrari F 430) at 55.945

Race 2: The beginning of the race was in favor of Henzler who started from the pole position. The German took the lead from the start in front of Giammaria, Mediani, Lancieri, Gattuso, and Aguas. In the fifth lap the driver of the Team Autorlando had more than 8 seconds advantage on the Roman driver, which had to contain Mediani. Aguas, after overtaking Gattuso, will do the same with Lancieri.
In the category GT3 Grassotto was leading in front of Earl, while Sbirrazzuoli had problems with his Lamborghini Gallardo and could not do better than 5th place.
The advance of Henzler increased lap after lap on Giammaria, reaching more than 16 seconds before the driver change. However, during that time Gattuso lost a few positions, while Cioci was back in seventh position, and Aguas overtook Mediani just before the driver change. After the stop and the driver changing, Cruz replaced Henzler, and confirms his lead followed by Frassineti who had just replaced Giammaria. The fight for the third place between Linos, Perazzini, Tavano, Moncini and Cerrai was very interesting.
In the category GT3, Grassotto was always leading in front of De Pasquale, while Sbirrazzuoli in fifth position, was always struggling to keep his car on the track.
Cruz had trouble keeping the lead of the race and lost valuable seconds lap after lap. In the last lap of the race Moncini overtook Tavano, and passed in 2nd position. At the finish flag Cruz won his first victory in the Italian GT championship followed by Moncini and Tavano. Frassineti finished fourth in front of Balzan, Linos, Perazzini, Tenchini, Busnelli and Postiglione.
In the GT3 category, victory belongs to the crew Piccini-Grassotto, while Sbirrazzuoli finish at the fifth position before being penalized of three minutes due to a mistake of the Team at the Pit stop.

Ranking race 2:

1. Cruz Martins-Henzler (Porsche 997) 51’54.801
2. Caffi-Moncini (Ferrari F 430) at 0.605
3. Tavano-Aguas (Ferrari F 430) at 1.133
4. Giammaria-Frassineti (Ferrari F 430) at 6.134
5. Mugelli- Balzan (Ferrari F 430) at 15.988
6. Mediani-“Linos” (Ferrari F 430) at 20.880
7. Perazzini-Cioci (Ferrari F 430) at 21.692
8. Pavoni-Tenchini (Ferrari F 430) at 22.388
9. Busnelli-Lancieri (Ferrari F 430) at 29.974
10. Plati-Postiglione (Ferrari F 430) at 30.480
Mai 2008

Vallelunga Porsche Carrera Cup Italia

Avril 2008

SARA GT Italiano, Monza: Courses

Race 1: Victory for Mugelli - Balzan

Mugelli and Balzan driving the Ferrari F 430, won the first race of the championship SARA GT Italiano2008 which took place in Monza. The drivers of the Team EdilCris, after a disputed run, have outstripped the team, Mediani-Linos (Ferrari F 430), and Tavano-Aguas (Ferrari F 430)
In the GT3 category, the victory went to the crew Sbirrazzuoli-Romano (Lamborghini Gallardo-Mik Corse) after having dominated the race. In GT Cup victory for the crew Cerruti-Ferraris.
In the first laps of the new season 2008, a superb fight is preparing for the first places, between the pole man Mugelli, Busnelli, Cioci and Lance. But at the end of the first lap Mugelli will be first, after the Busnelli’s mistake in the first lap, in front of Cioci, Lance, Postiglione, Giammaria, Aguas and Caffi. In the category GT3 Sbirrazzuoli take the lead early in the race, while Orsero will do the same in GT Cup.
Under the finish flag, Balzan wins the race in front of Perazzini, whom was penalized of 3 minutes for an error during the driver changes. The second place went to Mediani in front of Tavano, Cruz, Plati, and Frassinetti.
In the category GT3 the victory went to the crew Sbirrazzuoli-Romano whom dominated for the whole race. While GT Cup Ceruti-Ferraris won the race.

Ranking Race1:
1. Mugelli-Balzan (Ferrari F 430) 50’25.129
2. Mediani-"Linos" (Ferrari F 430) at 18.962
3. Tavano-Aguas (Ferrari F 430) at 21.396
4. Cruz-Lance (Porsche 997) at 22.233
5. Plati-Postiglione (Ferrari F 430) at 31.161
6. Giammaria-Frassineti (Ferrari F 430) at 46.984
7. Pavoni-Tenchini (Ferrari F 430) at 59.681
8. Cerrai-Palma (Ferrari F 430) at 1’01.039
9. "Vic"-"Gion" (Porsche 997) at 1’0.178
10. Turchetto-La Mazza (Ferrari F 430) at 1’27256
11. Sbirrazzuoli-Romano (Lamborghini Gallardo GT3)

Race 2: Victory for Caffi and Moncini
Even in the second race, it was a Ferrari domination. Indeed victory went to the ex Formula 1 driver, Alex Caffi with Moncini driving the F 430. The drivers of Team Villorba Corse, have arrived in front of Livio Gattuso-and-Mediani Linos.
First place for Sangiuolo-De Pasquale, in the GT3 class driving their Dodge Viper.
At the start of the race Mediani surprises Balzan and takes the lead of the race. Third place for Moncini in front of Perazzini, Tenchini and Tavano, while Lancieri spins in Ascari F 430.
In the category GT3, Kessel was ahead Romano-Sbirrazzuoli, while in the GT Cup, Campanello was leading.
On the 11th lap, it was the beginning of changing drivers, who saw Caffi take the lead of the race by relaying Moncini. Bad luck, but for Kessel in the category GT3after a problem with his tyre, and Romano-Sbirrazzuoli forced to abandon due to a problem with gearbox. That leaves the way open for Giraudi.
On the finish line, Caffi won its first race of the season in front of Gattuso and Livio. The Portuguese Aguas try everything in the final lap to gain the 2nd place, but will commit a mistake and did not even appear on the podium. Fifth place for Cioci in front of Lance, Pavoni, Palma and Busnelli author of a superb come back.
Mars 2008

Cédric Sbirrazzuoli signed with the Team Mik Corse for the championship Sara GT 2008

The young Monegasque driver, Cédric SBIRRAZZUOLI has just signed for the Team Mik Corse to race in the Italian Sara GT championship with the Lamborghini Gallardo GT3.

Indeed, about 1 month ago, we announced that the test on the Adria international Racetrack was a success, and that a solution will be found between both parts to race together in the 2008.

It is now official; the young Monegasque driver of 20 years old will participate to the championship with an experienced Team Made: Marzio Romano. They will both defend the colors of the Team Mik Corse in the GT3 category.

Here is the calendar of the championship:

5-6 April:   Monza (MI)

10-11 May:   Mugello 1 (FI)

7-8 June:   Magione (PG)

28-29 June:   Valencia (E)

19-20 July: Mugello 2 (FI)

13-14 September: Misano (RN)

18-19 October: Vallelunga (RM)


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