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Racing Driver from his very early age, this 27 years old Monegasc driver, has been climbing all the steps since he started racing in Go Kart at 12 years old.

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Octobre 2010

Mugello - october 2010

The young Monegasque, Cédric Sbirrazzuoli was invited for this last race of the Maserati Trofeo in the GT4 class. Unfortunatly the Monegasque didn’t participate to the last race of the GT Sprint championship because he was running out of budget.

Race 1: In GT4, Sbirrazzuoli pushed hard and overtook a Gardel who did not get off to the best of starts.

As usual, things were quite even between the drivers in the middle of the pack. On lap three, Machiels edged past Maggi, who was also hassled by Sbirrazzuoli in his GT4, while Gardel was seven seconds behind the monegasque.

Only a few tenths separated Maggi, Machiels and Sbirrazzuoli in midfield. Things were shaken up when Maggi spun, his mistake also putting off Sbirrazzuoli. The only one to come through unharmed was Machiels. Gardel also made the most of the incident to move back into the GT4 lead. The Monegasque started to do best lap after best lap to finally conclude the race in second position.
Race 2:

Unlike the first race, this one was full of action. Topping the thrill list was the duel between Gardel and Sbirrazzuoli, in GT4, and between Rota and Moccia in the Trofeos. Rota was in an aggressive mood and passed Moccia at Luco but could not extend into a lead over the Autosprint drive. Moccia was appearing as a guest and so would not be picking up any championship points.

Steven Goldstein was feeling the heat with Pietro Zumerle ahead of him and Gabriele Gardel and Cedric Sbirrazzuoli making the most of their less powerful but agile GT4s to put the pressure on from behind him.
Sbirrazzuoli, ended at the second place without taking any risk to touch Goldstein as he was the leader of the championship :

"We were together with Gabriele (Gardel, ed) behind Goldstein but I opted not to attack him as I knew he was going for the title while I was simply contesting a race in this series." "I would not have liked to have clipped him into the sand". "The car was excellent as ever and I really hope this series continues because its format makes it interesting and fun. The races are tough and the level of the drivers is high".

Septembre 2010

Cadei-Sbirrazzuoli, got a win and a second place in the French racing week-end.

With just one round to the end of the 2010 season, the SUPERSTARS GTSPRINT is experiencing a top-notch duel for the championship's lead. At the Paul Ricard Circuit, the Ferrari F430 of Cadei-Sbirrazzuoli (AF Corse) and Mediani-Bonetti (Vittoria Competizioni) shared wins on the two races, as the latter kept standing in front in points, with just 1 length over their closest rivals.

Race 1: Maurizio Mediani scored his maiden win in the ROMA FORMULA FUTURO championship, as Cédric Sbirrazzuoli was touched by Daniele Perfetti and span in the first curve. However, after a fantastic come back the young Monegasque managed to finish in second position in front of Glauco Solieri (Ferrari F430). The Edil Cris racer inched in front of Daniele Perfetti's Porsche 997 (Seminole Racing Team).

Race 2: Niki Cadei was off to a commanding lead, as he held off Alessandro Bonetti and Solieri with ease by clocking some extremely fast laps. Cadei's lead got even larger when the two fellow Ferrari racers were called to serve a drive-through penalty. As a consequence, Perfetti was able to climb up to a really positive maiden podium finish, in front of Bonetti.

The next round of the SUPERSTARS GTSPRINT is set to start close to Rome, at Vallelunga, on October 9 to 10.

Juin 2010

Course 4 Hockenheim

After Monza, Imola, and Portimao, the dream cars of the new serie : “Superstar GT Sprint”, did one more time a great show in Germany, on the famous track of Hockenheim for the two races of 25 minutes.

Niki Cadei and Cédric Sbirrazzuoli with their Ferrari F430 GT2 prepared by the Team AF Corse; won race 1, and finished 3rd in race 2. Niki Cadei, pushed hard to maintain Maurizio Mediani at more or less 10 seconds under the finish flag. In race 2, the young Monegasque, Sbirrazzuoli, classified at the third place after leading the first part of the race. Unfortunatly, he was unfairly penalized by the marchals. Indeed Cédric Sbirrazzuoli, finished the race, 6 seconds behind the winner after having lost more or less 20 seconds for the penalty.

After the races of Hockenheim, Mediani-Bonetti are still leading the championship with 134 points, while Sbirrazzuoli-Cadei are second with 129 points.

Mai 2010

Race Portimao

The third racing weekend of the Superstars GT Sprint took place in Portimao. A positive week-end for the duo-Sbirrazzuoli-Cadei, thanks to a win and a third place. Indeed the young Monegasque started from 8th position after the victory in race 1 of Cadei and recovered up to the third position with the AF Corse Ferrari car. So it was a pretty good weekend for both Mediastars drivers on the track of Algarve, which allows them to get closer from the leaders Mediani-Bonetti.

In a race Cadei managed to take the lead, after a superb start of Cruz Martins, who will finally be beaten on arrival by Bonetti and Rugolo. In race 2 Sbirrazzuoli managed to stay out of problems at the first corner and then thanks to a good pace and without error, he managed to finish 3rd.

The next race of Superstars GT Sprint will take place on the Hockenheimring on 12th and 13th of June in Germany.

After the weekend of Portimao, Mediani-Bonetti are still leading with 99 points but Cadei-Sbirrazzuoli are only 5 points behind with 94 units.

Avril 2010

Race 2 Imola 18th April

Sbirrazzuoli and Cadei were the first to race with a 2010 F430 GT2 car in Italy. Unfortunately it was a very hard week-end for the 2 drivers, because of engines problems.

Even with these problems, the 2 drivers managed to finish two times on the podium. Indeed Niki Cadei finished second to the first race of the week-end behind Alessandro Bonetti, and the young Monegasque came third to the second race, after having started from the 7th place because of the invert grid rule.

“It was a very hard week-end for us as we didn’t know the car. We tried to finish on the podium and score points to the championship, to not loose contact with Mediani-Bonetti. We are currently 10 points behind in the championship, but it stills very long and everything can happen.”

Mars 2010

Sbirrazzuoli-Cadei win in Monza

Excellent start for Niki Cadei and Cédric Sbirrazzuoli. In fact Cadei won the first race of the category Superstars Gt Sprint. Niki Cadei won the first race in front of Maurizio Mediani and Michele Rugolo.

Cédric had to start from the 8th place in race 2 after the win of Niki following the reverse grid regulations. The young Monegasque driver is still managed to finish in 3rd place overall.

"For me it was a first experience at the drive of a GT2 car, and I absolutely did not want to make a mistake for the first race of the Sprint GT Championship. Unfortunately today I was not unable to find the right pace of yesterday, so I couldn’t do better than a 3rd place. But this race helped me to understand the car and I will for sure be more competitive for the next meeting in Imola. "

Mars 2010


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