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Racing Driver from his very early age, this 27 years old Monegasc driver, has been climbing all the steps since he started racing in Go Kart at 12 years old.

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Novembre 2012

Trofeo Maserati in Shanghai F1 circuit: Sbirrazzuoli starting from Pole position but stopped by a technical problem


Cedric Sbirrazzuoli upset the form book to snatch pole position in Qualifying 1. Top spot seemed a foregone conclusion after the fine form displayed in free practice by Renaud Kuppens but it was Sbirrazzuoli's fine lap that won the day. The Monaco-based driver stopped the clock at 1:54.103, 0.351 quicker than the Belgian who had designs on taking another pole.
"I realised that there wasn't much rubber down on the track", commented Sbirrazzuoli at the end of the day, "so I waited five minutes before going out. By doing so I also avoided the early-lap traffic: as we saw, the race officials imposed a ten-second gap between the drivers and this caused created a few tailbacks. So, I decided to wait for the right moment before setting my quick lap"
Race: When things eventually got underway, four cars careered into turn one causing Pigoli and Sbirrazzuoli to clash. Both drivers ended up off the track but the Italian came off worse and had to pull into the pits for a check-up. Even though he made it back out, it wasn’t for long as the officials decided that his driving merited a black flag and he was duly ruled out.
Up front the race was led by Riccardo Ragazzi, Renaud Kuppens, Ange Barde and Mathijs Bakker. Sbirrazzuoli was chasing them down and ended up tucked in just behind the leaders. 
Things were very close on lap five with Sbirrazzuoli turning up the heat on Kuppens, lying in second. Ange Barde was not about to sit and watch: a series of quick laps saw him catch and overtake Sbirrazzuoli, who has problem with his front right suspension after the crash with Pigoli.
Unfortunately for the Monegasque driver, he didn’t make it to the finish as a technical problem forced him out on lap 17.
Octobre 2012

Good start with the Ferrari 458 GT3 by AF Corse in the Italian Gt for Cédric Sbirrazzuoli

The beginning of the young Monegasque on Maranello’s car, registered by the Team AF Corse, was made on the circuit of Monza, with as team-mate Tanakorn Ramindra.

On the starting grid, Cédric obtained the sixth position overall and first among the Ferrari, for his beginning in GT3. He directly took a good race rhythm and started to catch up, to reach the third place before the driver change, by overtaking, Audi, BMW and Porsche.

At the time of driver change, the young Monegasque was in third position. His team-mate Tanakorn Ramindra, was overtaken by Ferrari and Audi.
The weekend thus ended with the excellent fifth place of the duo Sbirrazzuoli-Ramindra, considering the lack of experience on this car.

We will see them behind the wheel, for the final of the French GT championship on the week-end of the 28th of October, on the famous circuit of Paul Ricard.

Octobre 2012

Trofeo Maserati Sonoma, San Francisco,

Unlucky week end for Cédric Sbirrazzuoli

Popow was making his debut in the Maserati GranTurismo MC Trofeo and profited from Renaud Kuppens’ and Cédric Sbirrazzuoli’s retirement.
Other star names who failed to finish included Cedric Sbirrazzuoli, who pulled up when in second catching Popow. Unfortunately for the young Monegasque, a problem on the transmission axis of his car number 14.

Guest driver and actor Patrick Dempsey enjoyed a good day, finishing sixth after lining up in tenth. Dempsey, best known for playing Dr Shepherd in the TV series Grey’s Anatomy, will be back in the Maserati GranTurismo MC Trofeo for the afternoon race. He is sharing the drive with Greg Tracy, the stuntman who made it into the Guinness Book of Records with his Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare at the 2012 X-Games.

In the other race of the week-end: The 50-minute race began with a crash at turn one between Greg Tracy and Cedric Sbirrazzuoli. Their cars ended up in a dangerous spot and the safety car had to be called for. The Monegasque and the American driver were both sent into the wall by another driver.

It has been a really unlucky week-end for Cédric Sbirrazzuoli, but the championship is not finished and will try to win the last race in Shanghai on the 4th of November.

Juillet 2012

Unlucky week-end for Cédric Sbirrazzuoli in Paul Ricard

At the start the young Monegasque was starting in 5th position due to the fact that he didn’t do the free practice because of a broken engine.
The cars rolled off to an even start with Barde edging ahead of Pigoli at the green light. Sernagiotto and Kuppens were up front in first and second, respectively, as they headed into turn one side-by-side.
Sernagiotto tried to stretch his lead over Kuppens while, behind them, Sbirrazzuoli and Pigoli were tussling, with Simoni an interested onlooker. Then, the AF Corse driver made a decisive move and overtook the expert Pigoli. Now, with a free track having opened up ahead of him, Sbirrazzuoli’s lap times began to fall. On lap four he caught and outdid Barde while Simoni outmanoeuvred Pigoli on the same section of track.
Sbirrazzuoli posted the race’s fastest lap of 2’16”492 on lap six and his searing pace saw him overtake Kuppens a lap later.
With ten laps gone, Sernagiotto held a 2"2 lead over Sbirrazzuoli, 6”2 over Kuppens, 9”4 over Simoni, 10"6 over Pigoli and 20”3 over Gardelli.

Sbirrazzuoli was by far the quickest driver out there, gaining up to six tenths on Sernagiotto to bring himself with striking distance of the leader. Rather than wait for an easier overtaking spot, Sbirrazzuoli went for it just as Sernagiotto was getting past a back marker, Nicolucci, on lap 12. Sernagiotto dipped down the inside while Sbirrazzuoli opted for the outside line but he clipped Nicolucci. Unfortunately for Sbirrazzuoli, this meant the end of his race.

In the end, Giorgio Sernagiotto took the win from Renaud Kuppens and Alan Simoni.
Next appointment of the Maserati Trofeo World Series in America on the famous track of Sonoma.

Juin 2012

Cédric Sbirrazzuoli, claimed Race 1 in Trofeo Maserati at Imola. The 30-minute event was a roller-coaster ride all the way to the finish.

The drivers lined up under a blazing sun with temperatures nudging 35°C.

Even though it was a tight squeeze at Tamburello, things got off to a steady start with Sbirrazzuoli holding off Lorenzini, and an aggressive Simoni. Next came Kuppens, Garelli, Gardelli and Varini. Kuppens had the bit between his teeth and swept past Simoni at Acque Minerali to move into Lorenzini’s slipstream.

On lap five, Sbirrazzuoli held a 1”6 lead over Kuppens, 4”6 over Simoni, 6”2 over Lorenzini, 7”2 over Garelli and 7”8 over Gardelli.

Up front, Kuppens was lapping fast and was right in Sbirrazzuoli’s slipstream. Right behind him Simoni was by far the quickest driver on the track, stopping the clock at 1’53”830 and surprising Kuppens on lap nine with a splendid overtaking move.

Simoni was by now shadowing Sbirrazzuoli’s every move and attacked at Tamburello. The Monaco-based driver was having trouble with his tyres and ran off the track. When he came back on, he forced Simoni into doing the same. Behind them Kuppens tried to sneak through but also ended up in the sand and was overtaken by guest driver Lorenzini. When the dust had settled, it was Simoni out in front and trying to pull away. His bid for victory didn’t last long as he strayed too wide at Ravizza, opening the door for Sbirrazzuoli, Lorenzini and Kuppens.

The way was clear for Cedric Sbirrazzuoli, but one lap from the end came the last of the action when Sbirrazzuoli, having spotted the yellow flag, lifted off the gas and was overtaken by Lorenzini. However, the marshals didn’t see it and didnt penalised Lorenzini, in the Bowers & Wilkins VIP Car.
Lorenzini finally won the race but was not counting for the championship so the win went bach to the AF Corse driver, Cedric Sbirrazzuoli, in front of Renaud Kuppens (Konvex Racing) and a superb Stefano Garelli.

Juin 2012

Sbirrazzuoli in style: Thanks to a majestic drive from first to last, Cedric Sbirrazzuoli claimed Race 1 at Portimao.

The AF Corse driver laid the foundations for his win with a turn 1 attack, making the most of Ghanem's sluggish start and overtook the poleman and Ragazzi on the outside.

Looking back over the race, one held in 24°C sunshine and with a headwind in the main straight, the start turned out to be decisive. Sbirrazzuoli, from Monaco, edged past Ghanem, whose slow pace kept the bunched packed tightly. He made the most of the wide surface after deciding not to risk diving between Ghanem and Ragazzi.

At the end of lap 5, Sbirrazzuoli was holding a lead of 4"4 over Ragazzi and one of 5"4 over Ghanem. In behind, Kuppens was trying to find a way past Garelli but was taking a few risks in doing so. Mildenhall was waiting to pounce, playing the patient game and hoping to gain two places by doing nothing. However, Kuppens, from Belgium, used all his experience in finding a way past and he set off after Venier.

On the final lap, in a race dominated by Sbirrazzuoli, came the last of the action with Varini edging past the journalist Mildenhall to claim seventh.

So, at the chequered flag, Sbirrazzuoli scored his and AF Corse's first win of the season. Ragazzi took an excellent second, 8"2 down, with Ghanem next, 9"9 seconds off winning pace. Just off the podium came Venier, Kuppens and Garelli, with Varini, Mildenhall, Sbai and Fascicolo completing the top ten.

Next round in Italy on the amazing circuit of Imola...

Mai 2012

World Maserati Trofeo in Jarama : Sbirrazzuoli very close to win the first race of the World Maserati Series. Riccardo Romagnoli won the race only by 0.137s ahead of the Monegasc driver.

The violent downpour that hit the circuit half an hour before the race led the officials to start the drivers behind the safety car. All the drivers had mounted wet tyres. The safety car pulled into the pits on lap two and the race proper got underway: Romagnoli moved into a lead from Sbirrazzuoli, Venier, Simoni and Dromedari.
Sbirrazzuoli was second, seven seconds off Romagnoli. Next came Simoni and Dromedari in a battle for third, with fifth contested between Hernandez and Denny. Things changed on lap 13 when Denny edged past the driver in the Bowers & Wilkins VIP car. Meanwhile, Dromedari was hogging Simoni’s rear view mirrors but the Swiss Team man could not faze the driver in front of him.
After a bright start, Hernandez was caught and overtaken by Sbai and Fascicolo. Kuppens’ bid to gain an edge by swapping tyres had failed as the track did not dry out and he was lapping much slower than the rest: his fastest lap was 1:58.199 compared to Sbirrazzuoli’s 1:50.853. The Monaco-based driver’s strategy was to keep his tyres in good shape for a final assault and he pulled right into Romagnoli’s slipstream over the last two laps.
However, the export Roman driver did not lose his cool and held off the AF Corse man. At the chequered flag the two were separated by just .137. Behind them, 22.3 seconds down, came Alan Simoni with Andrea Dromedari (Swiss Team) eight tenths further back.

Next race of the World championship, will take place on the first week-end of June in Portimao in Portugal.


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