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Racing Driver from his very early age, this 27 years old Monegasc driver, has been climbing all the steps since he started racing in Go Kart at 12 years old.

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Décembre 2013

Cedric Sbirrazzuoli, came second for the last race of the Maserati Trofeo World Series.

Under clear skies and with high track and air temperatures, the 26-strong grid got off to an energetic start. In the early stages, Cecchellero was fending off Sbirrazzuoli with Calamia lurking behind them. Behind the Swiss driver came Zamparini, Kuppens, Barde, Simoni, Mac and Cordoni. The top five drivers were putting in decent lap times and a gap soon built up between the leaders and the chasing pack.

From lap six on, the lap on which Segler was hit with a drive-through for a clash with Nielsen, the drivers alternated in clocking quick laps. First came Calamia with his 2:21.327, then came Sbirrazzuoli on lap 7 (2:21.204), Mac a lap later (2:21.137) and Kuppens on the ninth lap (2:21.058).

Barde pulled into the pit lane and retired one lap from the chequered flag while Cecchellero went on to finish ahead of Sbirrazzuoli, Calamia, Zamparini, Kuppens, Mac, Simoni, Cordoni, Cullum and Delli Guanti.

Cedric Sbirrazzuoli (2° Overall, 2° Trofeo): “I tried to overtake Cecchellero but I was on the outside and didn’t have enough grip. I was forced to lock the wheel a couple of times and I think that had an effect on their performance for the rest of the race. I found myself in third when Calamia got past me but then managed to retake my spot. If I hadn’t lost time with those overtaking moves perhaps I could have closed in on Cecchellero. Still, I am very pleased to have finished on the podium again”.

This was the last race of the 2013 season: next year we will find the young Monegasque behind the wheel of a 458 gt3 in the European Le Mans Series with Adrien De Leener and AF Corse.

Décembre 2013

6H of Bogotà (Colombia) December 9th, 2013: Second place in class for Sbirrazzuoli and third overall.

For his first participation in the prestigious 6H of Bogotà, the Monegasque driver, Cédric Sbirrazzuoli, obtained an excellent second place aboard a Radical prototype SR3 teaming up with Spanish Antonio Della Reina, the Colombian Steven Goldstein and the Panamanian Rubén Abadi.

The multinational Team qualified in ninth position of the general and fifth in its category: Fuerza Libera 1. The English prototype: a Radical SR3, in spite of its good report weight / power was of a lower capacity than the SR8 which were in the same category. Nevertheless thanks to a good strategy and the absence of errors the team managed to gain position after position during the 6 hours race on the 2.7 km circuit, 2600m above the sea level.

Goldstein made the first stint, demanding and challenging because of traffic ( 72 cars), before passing the car to the young driver, Ruben Abadi, who will go from the 11th to the 9th position. After 2 hours and a half of competition, it was time for the young Monegasque to make a long stint of 2 hours, starting in the daytime and finishing at night. An excellent work on behalf of Cédric who allowed the team to go back up until the third position of the general and second in class. The only problem was to repair the lights before the last stint of Antonio Della Reina. The four drivers of the car number 41 lost 3 laps to repair them, but they concluded this experience with the third place overall with 251 laps and second in their category.

Novembre 2013

Shanghai Sbirrazzuoli back to the top

Cedric Sbirrazzuoli triumphed in the first Maserati Trofeo race at Shanghai. The Monaco-based driver came out on top in a tough and eventful race with the action drawn out to the very end. Cloudy skies and temperatures hovering around twenty degrees made it ideal conditions for the watching fans.

Ragazzi got off to a fine start and built up a healthy lead over Sbirrazzuoli. Behind the driver from Monaco, Barde was flanked by Kuppens at turn one.

With Ragazzi appearing to be handling Sbirrazzuoli without any fuss, Cola, hounded by Kuppens, upped the tempo to move into Mac’s slipstream. He was now perfectly placed to attempt to overtake at his favoured spot: right at the end of the long straight.

One characteristic of this Shanghai circuit that affects all the drivers is the rough track surface with Ragazzi suffering more than most. His drop in pace bunched up the field and now the top three were within 1.5 seconds of each other and the first five within four seconds.

The stage was set for a thrilling finish as the white flag was shown to mark the final lap. Ragazzi’s tyres were now gone but he was still battling to hold off Sbirrazzuoli. He almost pulled it off but then overshot the turn into the chicane and drifted wide. His trouble didn’t end there as it was now Mac’s turn to pull alongside after another Ragazzi excursion onto the synthetic grass.
Cola’s dash of speed saw him nick ahead of the two drivers ahead of him and join Ragazzi and Mac in a three-way sprint for second behind Sbirrazzuoli. The photofinish saw the race’s main player lose his podium slot with Mac taking second, 1”469 off the winning time, Cola third (1”472) and Ragazzi fourth (1”490).

Cedric Sbirrazzuoli (1° Overall): “I realized that I was gaining on Ragazzi over the closing laps. I was in his slipstream for a while and moved out towards the end of the race, hoping he would make a mistake.
"This is how things turned out and I made the most of it to take the chequered flag. I would like to dedicate the win to Sean Edwards who passed away last month and who I considered to be one of the best GT drivers”.

The next and last Race of the Maserati Trofeo World Series will take place in Abu Dhabi the same week end as the famous Gulf 12h from the 11th to the 14th of December.

Août 2013

Trofeo Maserati World Series - Sonoma - 25.08.2013

Good come back for Cédric Sbirrazzuoli in the Maserati World Series. The Monegasque driver claimed the second place overall and the win in the Trofeo Category for Race 1. In Race 3 Cédric and his Team Mate Mathijs Bakker claimed a good 3rd place overall.

Race 1 : The race got off to a smooth start with Kuppens heading Sbirrazzuoli, Mac, Cola and Ragazzi. Sbirrazzuoli made the most the gearbox problems that flared up on Mac’s car during the formation lap to close in on Kuppens and crank up the pressure. After 15 minutes Kuppens had managed to extend his lead over Sbirrazzuoli (+1.7) with Mac (+4.1), Cola (+4.5) e Westphal (+5.7) all trailing. Behind the top five came Barde Ragazzi, Venier, Adrien De Leener and Calamia.

So, Kuppens has taken the weekend’s opening race ahead of Sbirrazzuoli, Mac, Cola, Westphal and Ange Barde. Ragazzi, Calamia, Adrian De Leener and Cesari closed out the top ten.

Cedric Sbirrazzuoli: "I am happy with the result and with my Trofeo return as I haven't had many chances to compete this year. I struggled a bit to settle into a rhythm and so hope things go better in the endurance race. Still, I can't complain"

Race 3 : Ange Barde won the battle in front of Ragazzi and Sbirrazzuoli.
Kuppens started on pole and moved smoothly into an early lead with Mac, Barde, Simoni, Bakker and Cola chasing behind.  
Bakker handed over to Sbirrazzuoli in sixth position with a delay of 20 seconds on Kuppens. The show of the Monegasque driver started after the driver change as thanks to fasts laps he managed to close the gap.
The fight for supremacy up front was a close one. Sbirrazzuoli was hounding Ragazzi but just failing to get through. Then, a few laps later, he pushed that bit too hard and left the door open for Barde to sneak into second. With the infighting slowing down the leaders, Mac was closing in and was now just two seconds off Sbirrazzuoli.

Good week-end for a come back for Cédric who will now finish the championship doing the last two races : Shanghai (02-03.11.2013) and Abu Dhabi (11-13.12.2013)

Avril 2013

Supercars Series International: Motorland Aragon

The AF Corse Ferrari 458 GT3 of  Tanakorn Ramindra and Cedric Sbirrazzuoli won the first round of the Super Cars International Series.
On the circuit of Motorland the AF Corse duo managed to win the two hours race in front of the 2012 Portuguese champions Campanico/Viera.
For Sbirrazzuoli-Ramindra, the victory takes shape in the second stint when, Sbirrazzuoli was literally flying, giving the car a 1 minute advantage on the Audi R8 LMS Ultra.

At the start of the race Fontes, on his “ Sports and You” Mercedes SLS AMG GT3, took the lead in front of the pole setter car driven by: Campanico, Eskelinen and Viera, followed by Tanakorn Ramindra. He however smartly decide not to react and chose the best moment to regain the lead. This comes at the end of lap two when he makes his move at the end of the main straight constantly gaining meters from then onwards. The challenge is now thence on the two other podium steps with the Fontes Mercedes chased by Ramindra and by the second Team Novadriver Audi R8 LMS Ultra with Buri behind the wheel.
With the first compulsory drivers change window, the first crews in the pits are the two chasing cars with AF Corse that chose for a quick refill rejoining the track as fast as possible.
In these stages Sbirrazzuoli started pushing hard hammering fastest lap times one after the other. He gained precious seconds from the previous leaders now chasers, the last ones to stop. When the young Monegasc driver stops after a 1 hour stint he was leading with over 2 laps. Their longer stop to fulfill the five minutes overall pit time for the race still bring them back in first place with a minute margin.
The AF Corse duo won the race, with 40s advantage on the Audi N°1 of Campanico, Eskelinen and Viera.


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