The Team AF Corse was born in 2002 and is based in Piacenza. A modern structure but also elastic and functional: created and structured to work on various championships. A constantly changing environment, which has had modernized for years. Today we have an area of 10,000 meters of which 7,000 are occupied.


Amato Ferrari - AFCORSE - team de Cédric Sbirrazzuoli

«In 1995, I began after my driving career, a new adventure: holding a team with many projects and challenges ... as usual.

My first challenge was the Supertourism championship. A big bet. After this one, a lot of championships, a considerable number of races, victories and great satisfaction followed. During those years, I had to manage the Maserati Trophy and the contribution, at the beginning, of the MC12 in the FIA GT championship.

In 2005, Maserati again. We finally arrive at a more recent past, colored by red Ferrari. Indeed in 2006, AF Corse participated to the FIA GT with the F430 GT2. This was the biggest challenge of my career as a Team Manager. A very intense year, exhausting and full of emotions, but in November, were on my desk, 2 trophies: the GT2 driver championship and the one reserved for Teams, having helped Ferrari to win the constructors' title.

In 2007, the story repeats itself: FIA GT again with two F430 GT2, and two new titles (one for the team and one for the drivers) at the end of the season. 2008 was also a year full of satisfaction with two new trophies (team and drivers).

In 2009 AF Corse realized once again an excellent season, winning the title reserved to the FIA GT Team. For 2010, a new challenge: the participation to the Le Mans Series championship with three F430 GT2. »

Résultats année par année


Maserati Trofeo

Modena’s manufacturer gave the management of his Maserati trophy to AF Corse. A very important commitment as well for sport and for logistic. Remove, repair and prepare 30 cars to bring them on the most beautiful European tracks.


FIA GT with the Maserati MC12

AF Corse contributes to the beginnings of the "supercar" of Modena in the FIA GT championship. Review: 4 races and 2 victories (Oschersleben and Zhuhai). The pilots were Bertolini / Salo and Herbert / De Simone.


Italian GT with the Maserati Coupe Light

Zampaloni and Palma won the GT3 Championship with Maserati.


FIA GT with Ferrari F430 GT2

AF Corse is one of the team which will start with the new “Cavallino” car. The Team will put on track two very strong crews: Salo-Aguas and Bobbi-Melo. This commitment was profitable as we won the driver’s title with Jaime Melo in the end, the Teams title and a lot of points reported to Ferrari. Maranello’s team thus wins the Manufacturer’s title. During this season, the glory was total; thanks to a magnificent double title during the famous 24h of Spa Francorchamps.


FIA GT with Ferrari F430 GT2

AF Corse is once again the Team to beat in the FIA GT for opponents. Drivers are Muller-Villander and Bruni-Ortelli. The answer was given on the track. AF Corse won 9 races out of 10, and won 2 new titles.

The 24H of Le Mans with the F430 GT2

A wonderful experience. Taste the most famous endurance race in the world with a special driver: Adrian Newey, who raced with Ben Aucott and Joe Macari. They allowed AF Corse to get a superb 4th place.


FIA GT with Ferrari F430 GT2

AF Corse again won both titles with Bruni and Villander.



Fourth title consecutively for AF Corse won one race before the end of the championship. Another victory at the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps, and participation to the 24H of Le Mans, and 12H of Sebring.

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